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Tyristor Type Power Transformer

Varitap Controller VPM Series

VPM Series
VARITAP controller is phase control system's voltage control system use the thyristor.
It is possible to use it at once. Because it's a state with the case.
The exhaust fan, The rotation control to the electric equipment,The control bulb,The electric control to heater can be easily used.
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Product Specifications

VPM Series
Type VPM-11A VPM-10C
Control Type Phase Control
Setting Method Manual Setting (built-in setting system)
Phase Single Phase
Frequency 50/60Hz
Constant Circuit Voltage 100V 200V
Voltage Permissible Amount Range Constant Circuit Voltage's ±10%
Constant Current 11A 10A
Output Adjustment Range Input Power's15 - 98% Input Power's7.5 - 98%
Ambient Temperature 0 - 40℃(Decrease current if temperature is more than 40℃)
Minimum Load Current 100mA -
Insulation Voltage Endurance 50Mohms at 500VDC megger between power circuit and ground insulation (casing)
Insulation Voltage Endurance 1KVAC for 1 minute between Power circuit and ground insulation (casing) -
Type Constant Current Constant Current Contain Size Mass Cost Memo
VPM-11A 100V 11A 1.1KVA 100 115 64 700

VPM-10C 200V 10A 2KVA 100 115 64 700
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