Tokyo Rikosha Co., Ltd.

1-4-30 Sakawa sakura-ku Saitama city Saitama prefecture



Company Information

President greetings

Electricity is our eternal Energy, our eternal Romance

Electricity is produced and the same electricity plays an important roles in further creations. Electricity is our everlasting energy.

We challenge the world with dreams and continuously cultivate our skills in most effective ways. With more than eighty years of experiences in the industry, TOKYO RIKOSHA is proud to play the role of a leading power-supply manufacturer.

Today, our company strives to correspond with world's technology needs and contribute to the industry by proposals and developments from small parts to computer-control power-supply systems.

In the future, we plan to pour our young power into our experienced skills and aim to work with oversea businesses for our bright future with borderless relationships.

President: Takanori Okazaki

Company Profile

Trade name Tokyo Rikosha Co., Ltd.
establishment April (1962) for 1962 years
establishment of a business It is October (1924) for 1924 years
President Takanori Okazaki
Head office 1-4-30 Sakawa sakura-ku , Saitama city, Saitama-ken, Japan 338-0823
TEL : +81-(0)48-856-3851 FAX : +81-(0)48-856-3861
Osaka Offices Kikawa Building 4F, 4-6-19 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi,
Osaka-hu, Japan 532-0011
TEL : +81-(0)6-6304-1283 FAX : +81-(0)6-6304-1289
Company capital 47,000,000 Yen
Partner banks Saitama Resona Bank Urawa Chuoh branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Nippori Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ohji branchh
Number of employees 36


Oct 1924 Eizo Tsujikubo First CEO established the company to sell an electric chemistry machine at Sibuya-ku Tokyo.
Mar 1935 Move to Takawa Minatoku.
Apr 1943 Started manufacture the slide transformer and the range of a transformer.
Oct 1950 The Tokyo Rikosha, Co was leaded technology from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Electric Research, start to manufacture the automatic voltage transformer(the increase magnetic type).
Oct 1952 Decide the company limited foundation capital money to 500,000 yen.
Jan 1958 The increase capital money to 3,000,000yen.
Sep 1958 Move to Tabatashinmachi Kita-Ku.
Dec 1958 Established the Osaka office.
July 1961 Start foundation operation the Kawaguchi factory at Kawaguchi city.
April 1962 The increase capital money to 20,000,000yen.
Oct 1965 Exploitation thyristor type AC power transformer the 「VARITAP」, sales begin.
June 1967 Exploitation the return of a current prevention coil, the return of a current control with core compound brash type slide trance, sales begin.
Oct 1968 The 「VARITAP」 was commend from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry {Now AIST(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)} to this year new product best equipment.
Dec 1968 The increase capital money to 23,000,000yen.
May 1969 Tsujikubo Matsuo became CEO.
Oct 1969 Exploitation automatic voltage transformer 「the auto power」,sales begin.
Jun 1973 Exploitation direct current power supply「the DC・power supply」,sales begin.
Feb 1973 Take up the chief director of industry association of voltage regulation post.
Apr 1975 Established the Fukuoka office.
July 1980 The increase capital money to 47,000,000yen.
Apr 1981 Exploitation thyristor type big voltage transformer the VARITAP 「H series」, sales begin.
Mar 1983 Exploitation temperature control zerocross divide method the VARITAP 「Z series」,sales begin. Exploitation thyristor type voltage transformer the VARITAP「P series」, sales begin.
Apr 1984 Established the Tokai office.
Sep 1988 Improvement and model change to the VARITAP「P series・Z series」.
Dec 1990 Exploitation 「the power sources system」 for diversification customer, sales begin.
Apr 1991 Exploitation「the digic series」, sales begin.
Dec 1992 Exploitation the wave series 「the alternating current switching regulator」, sales begin.
Nov 1993 Multifunction・Low cost the frequency converter「ESA series」,sales begin.
Feb 1994 Takanori Okazaki became CEO.
Jan 1995 Exploitation「the wire breaks alarm」,sales begin.
May 1995 Exploitation「DEMAGNETIZER」, sales begin.
Mar 1996 Exploitation「the Non-Contact Energy Transfer Systems」,sales begin.
Apr 1997 Established TOKYO RIKOSHA(HONGKONG)Ltd at Hong-Kong.
Sep 1998 Excellent 「the noise-cut transformer」 in an attenuation characteristic, sales begin.
Oct 1999 Exploitation a thunder endurance transformer, sales begin.
Nov 2001 Exploitation「the power supply for a lifting magnet」, provide OEM.
Dec 2002 Exploitation「the instantaneous power failure generation device」,provide OEM.
Aug 2003 Excellent operation「the digital indicating controller」sales begin.
Aug 2003 Be realize low cost and high function to a frequency transformer「the ESA series」1KVA,2KVA, sales begin.
Jul 2004 Exploitation frequency transformer「ESA series」3KVA, sales begin.
Apr 2005 Exploitation VARITAP「VSCD series」,sales begin.
Apr 2005 Be realize smaller and low cost to the alternating current switching regulator「the wave series」,sales begin.
Aug 2005 Sales begin a CE marking 「the Noise-Cut Transformers」.
Feb 2006 Certification IOS 9001:2000,ISO 14001:2004 acquired.
Sep 2007 ales begin CE marking「VARITAP」.
Jan 2008 the Non-Contact Energy Transfer Systems」 wins Tokyo City's new provide・new technology section award.
Apr 2008 A voltage descent examination device「Dip Simulator」Award to the Saitama Industry personal club (Nishikaiki commemoration prize)
Sep 2008 VARITAP「VSCW Series」sales begin.
Feb 2010 VARITAP「VTCQ Series」sales begin.
Oct 2011 VARITAP「VPR-10A,10C Series」sales begin.
Apr 2016 Head Office Moved to Saitama City.