Tokyo Rikosha Co., Ltd.

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Environmental policy

Environmental ideology

The Tokyo Rokosya use catchphrase of "Create power supply system.", we recognizes the earth environment maintenance is important, and we will aim to our corporation to simplify environment.

Environmental policy

  1. We will configure management environment system,  We try to prevent pollution through continuous improvement and system operation.
  2. We respect to relevant statute including environment applied by our company with other request particulars.
  3. We will set environmental policy and purpose and look it over again for environment policy accomplishment.
  4. Our Business acts specially following to below the priority item.

    1)We extend business from our developing environment-conscious product that suits RoHS instruction.

    2)We reduce the amount of the exhaust of industrial waste and effectively use the resource by effort.

    3)We promote the energy saving measure.

  5. All employees absolutely learn this environmental policy, and it open to the public.

President: Takanori Okazaki